Transform your Relationship with Sex


Leika transforming your relationship with sex. Whether by yourself or with a partner(s), use our app to explore your body and improve your sexual well-being. 



Prioritise your Pleasure


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“It's not what you do, it's the way you do it. ”

Barker & Hancock  |  Sex Educators


Mission: Am I Normal?

Shame-free. Stigma-free. Taboo-free.

We are on a mission to transform the world's relationship with sex. To do so, we've built Leika, your guide for sexual self-care and well-being. Why? Because we believe that sex is so much more than sex and this ‘so much more than’ starts with you. After all, sex is a pretty personal thing. Through entertaining and educative audio content, Leika takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Whether it’s exploring your body, getting over overthinking, or switching off with a partner(s), this is your time to prioritize your pleasure.


"No one is born ashamed of their sexuality, they learn to be."


Dr. Emily Nagoski | Sex Educator 


Our Founders


Billie Quinlan


Billie is Leika’s Doer. Having volunteered with survivors of sexual violence, Billie brings firsthand knowledge of the inequalities around female pleasure. She’s also a qualified health coach and strongly believes in preventative approaches to well-being rather than reactive ones. Check out her recent TEDx talk on the pleasure gap and how current approaches to sex education are failing us.


Dr. Anna Hushlak


Anna is Leika's Dreamer. Having completed her PhD at the University of Oxford, she has over 12 years of experience in combining science, human-centred design, and product. Drawing on her experiences - the good, the bad, and the ugly - Anna has spent the last year having hundreds of conversations about sex. The question that everyone asks: am I normal?